The Solo 2023 gift guide, perfect for inline skate enthusiats and rollerbladers

The end of the year festivities is fast approaching. After 2 years of pandemic, the end-of-year celebrations in 2022 will be precious for many of us, a time to reconnect with traditions, family or friends.

If gift exchanges are still part of your tradition, you're probably wondering what to give your favorite skater. This article presents lots of gift ideas for all passionate skaters!

And if you are a skater who wants to spoil yourself, you will discover ideas to enhance your skating practice next year.

Take the opportunity to follow us on social media. Solo Inline has concocted an advent calendar that presents one gift idea per day until Christmas. And as we feel generous, there are even gifts to be won for those who share some!


For urban inline skating lovers

Have you lost count of the hours spent strolling the streets and bike paths? The following accessories will enhance your rides, adding even more pleasure to these precious moments.

Rocker frames

Less than a millimeter of misalignment of the wheel alignment may seem like a small difference, but the pleasure it generates is HUGE! By dividing the radius of the turns by a factor of 3, the skates become so much more agile, making rides even more exhilarating. Still maintaining excellent stability, these frames are the perfect gift to spoil the avid urban skater.

For endless rides, opt for a frame Endless. Compatible with urban inline skates using the "Trinity" or "165mm" standard. Several colors and lengths available.

Want to become a magician on wheels, go for a Frame Wizard instead. They will allow you to express your creativity by chaining maneuvers on the ground, like an artist on wheels! Discover the different configurations compatible with skates using the UFS mounting standard (usually skatepark skates) in the Wizard collection.

Have you seen the latest addition to the "rocker" frame family? With HXG rocker technology, Powerslide now offers a frame allowing a rockering of the 4 wheels thanks to screws in the shape of hexagon. Coming already mounted on one of the most popular urban inline skates, the Next Charcoal 90 will allow you to experience agility with a ready to use rocker inline skate at a very reasonable price!

Light up wheels

Wheels that light up, what's the point? You did not try them if you're asking yourself that question. For some, it will be safety: the light generated by the LEDs built into these inline skate wheels is visible from afar, which will be especially appreciated during night walks. For others, the halo created around the inline skates by the light gives an out-of-this-world experience, almost like floating above the road. Check out our color and size options of light wheels here.


For speed skaters

No skater will admit it at first, but they all find that their wheels don't go fast enough...unless they have purchased high quality ball bearings! Those who have tasted it would not go back.

There are no secrets. The more you invest in a ball bearing for inline skates, the more quality you will get. Afterwards, you just have to know what you want to prioritize between the precision of the parts (Abec, ILQ, Swiss), the possibility of maintenance or the use of more durable materials such as ceramics. Here are some choices that will please all skaters:

Precision ball bearings

Whether you adhere to the traditional Abec standard (global standard "Annular Bearing Engineering Committee") or rather the new ILQ standard (Inline Quality) or even whether you are a supporter of Switzerland, all these ball bearings will offer speed as desired!

Easy to maintain: Claiming to offer "the best ball bearings for the price", you can't go wrong with BONES whose products are also easy to maintain thanks to their rubber covers. 

Materials: Often used to increase durability, some materials like stainless steel or ceramic are used in ball bearings for inline skates:


For Skatepark Enthusiasts

The aggressive skater is always in search of the "perfect set-up". He wants to find a skate that is comfortable but fits well, with the best glide but without snagging the wheels... We don't know if such a skate exists, but there are plenty of parts that can be replaced on inline skates to try to get there:

More comfort and a better fit with replacement liners

The ultimate choice for those who don't want to compromise comfort for long rides at the skatepark know you can't go wrong with Intuition inline skate liners.

With a whole range of replacement inline skate liners, MyFit offers options for every budget and type of fit you're looking for:

Having proven themselves over the years, the Reign liners provide excellent comfort and long durability for the price.

A better experience with a replacement frame

Recognized for years for their fast glide and for their high-performance groove, the reputation of Create Original frames is second to none. In addition, this company is 100% owned by skaters!

Others prefer to ride with all 4 wheels of each skate touching the ground, the "flat setup", which makes the skating experience much more agile and enjoyable. But you shouldn't compromise performance for the "grinds", by choosing a replacement frame that will avoid snagging the wheels, the infamous "wheel bite". Our top sellers in this category are:

To express maximum creativity

Launched in November 2022, these new 5-wheel frames open up a whole new range of possibilities for creative skaters looking to experiment. the Endless Arc UFS offers a new 5-wheel frame rocker option for those who want to express their creativity and agility!


In the end, no matter the skater to whom you want to offer a gift, there are a ton of products that will make them happy! Whether it's a new frame for inline skates, light-up wheels, high-performance ball bearings or a replacement liner, all of these products will delight passionate skaters! Do not hesitate to write to us for personalized suggestions!

December 08, 2022 — David Mascolo