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Pro-Tec Classic Certified Helmet - Multiple Colors
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In-line skating is one of the best ways to keep in shape, maintain your cardio and recreate the movements specific to downhill skiing. Rollerblade, in collaboration with several national alpine ski organizations, has developed the Skate to Ski, an inline skating training program 100% dedicated to the training and development of skills transferable to alpine skiing.

Shop our selection of inline skates and equipment Rollerblade, specific to the needs of skiers, with hard shell skates, for more support and precision in turns. It is essential to opt for skates with a hard shell, for more support and control, which are necessary during dynamic movements similar to alpine skiing. Remember, like in skiing, protections and a helmet are essential to train without injury!

New to the world of rollerblade? feel free to Contact us for expert advice.

See a summary of the program in the following video, presented by Doug Lewis, a former Olympian athlete.

For more details on the Skate to Ski program, consult our page dedicated to the subject.