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We probably don’t need to convince you that inline skating is fun! However, it is very important to have suitable skates of the right size to take full advantage of them and avoid injuries.

Browse our selection of junior inline skates and rollerblades for boys and girls. We have several models of adjustable rollerblades for children, for beginners or experienced little skaters! We even have specialized aggressive type inline skates for kids who like to venture out to the skate park!

Also discover our protection sets for children, pads and helmets to avoid injuries and enjoy them all season long!

Shop our selection of popular and exclusive brands like Roces, Rollerblade, Micro, Kaltik and more . Several of these brands offer adjustable roller skates, that is, including a boot that can extend a few sizes to grow with your child.

Check out our blog post with our tips for buying kids' inline skates.

Feel free to chat with our experts for more details, or see other options for contacting us .