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Shop all of our USD brand products, including inline skates, accessories and more. USD even offers thermoformable liners, the MyFit liners. 

USD is a brand of inline skates, specialized in aggressive style, since 1997. It has developed by basing its strategy on skates with several interchangeable parts, compatible with other companies. USD offers aggressive inline skates for both beginners and pro riders and is renowned for developing skates that are very low to the ground, with a boot that gives a lot of control and grind plates that make grinding easier. ''.

USD never stops innovation and is recognized as a leader in the aggressive inline skating market. Since the early 2000s, USD has had a strong team of pro riders and has helped spread the sport to other countries outside of the United States and California. In 2010, USD was notably the first brand to offer a carbon fiber shell.

Recently, they also designed their first aggressive inline skate model with the UFS (Universal Frame System), the USD AEON, which helps fill the gap between aggressive skating and freestyle skating. This is one of the most popular models since 2015, a real game changer in the aggressive skating industry, with a rigid one-piece boot, a lowered profile, light weight and the lightest construction, even suitable for larger wheels.

If there is anything you don't see that you would like to see, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have access to many items not seen here and are happy to place special orders if necessary!

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