Beginner or advanced freeride inline skates, everyone will find what they are looking for with the wide range of light up wheels from Luminous Wheels.

Luminous is a perfect combination of the latest LED technology and premium high performance polyurethane.

With Luminous wheels, skating at night is more fun and safer for everyone. Thanks to the high visibility, people can spot you from afar and stare at you with a big smile on their face as they gaze at the bright colors under your feet as you skate.

Luminous products have been on the market since 2018 and were created by recognized skaters Sébastien Laffargue and Greg Pinto. The creators were therefore well placed to create high-end products that meet the needs and with the best possible glide.

They are committed to providing the best LED technology and quality polyurethane available, with brighter lights and more color choices. Additionally, the hubs and spacers have been improved and redesigned to better match the wheels for the best rolling performance.

Luminous offers a wide variety of colors, including glitter and glow options for your skates. Take a look!