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Bont Skates was founded in Sydney in 1975 when Inze Bont, a recreational short track speed skater, decided to add fiberglass to the back of his leather speed skates for more support. Bont is now the world's largest producer of ice speed skates, then branched out into speed inline skates and other types of speed skates.

Bont Skates uses some of the most exotic materials such as carbon fiber and aerospace grade 7050 aluminum to produce the speed inline skate frames. All inline skate racing frames are tested by computer aided frame stress testing, before being tested in the real world by a professional team.

In partnership with the best wheel manufacturers in the world, such as MPC, Bont develops some of the best wheels on the market and are particularly recognized for their fine technology, including the use of aluminum hubs.

Bont also offers a wide range of accessories for inline skates and speed inline skates, including bearing pullers and presses, 608 and 688 bearing cleaners, skate insoles, laces, Allen key and more.