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Designed for skaters of all levels, Powerslide offers a diverse line of high-quality skates designed to enhance your skating experience. Whether you're riding the streets or heading to a workout, Powerslide's innovative designs ensure superior performance and unparalleled comfort.

Powerslide was founded in 1994 in Germany and the brand has always been known from the start for manufacturing quality products. Its main strength is its extensive range of products for all levels from beginner to pro and for all skating styles, whether fitness, racing, urban or aggressive. Powerslide is recognized as a specialist in the field of inline skating and offers a wide variety of skates and accessories, such as specialty parts, backpack, protective gear, wheels, brakes, frames and more.

The company has a staff passionate about skating and a vast network of pro skaters and ambassadors around the world, which makes it an important advantage in terms of quality and constant product improvement.

Powerslide also counts on the development of other underlying, but distinct, brands, such as USD Skates and MYFIT liners .

Powerslide encourages all skaters to push their own limits, with products tested by the best skaters in the world, where quality, innovation and attention to detail are always found.

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