Rollerblade, the #1 cross training sport for skiers in the off-season

Do you miss the adrenaline of hitting the ski slopes once winter is over? Inline skating is one of the best ways to keep in shape, maintain your cardio and recreate the movements specific to alpine skiing.

Rollerblade is indeed the perfect opportunity to extend your season, ensuring that the benefits of endurance, strength and skill can be transferred to alpine skiing. This complementary sport allows skiers of all levels to prepare for the next season in a versatile way, while having fun with Rollerblade skates and equipment and staying close to home.

Do you need  skates or gear?

Rollerblade has developed inline skates specific to the needs of skiers, with a selection of hard shell skates, for more support and precision in turns. It is essential to opt for skates with a hard shell, for more support and control, which are necessary during dynamic movements similar to alpine skiing. Remember, like in skiing, protective gear and a helmet are essential to train and avoid injuries!

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The Skate to Ski Training Program

Rollerblade has partnered with several national alpine ski organizations to develop a world renowned off-season cross-training program. See a summary of the program in the following video, presented by Doug Lewis, a former Olympian athlete.

  • Once you have your gear, the Skate to Ski training system provides a progression in 4 phases, depending on your current level in inline skating. You can also download a 64 page pdf, which explains in detail the 4 phases with pictures, from beginner to advanced, to obtain the basics of skating before starting the training plan.
  • Next, you will be required to incorporate certain techniques into your skating training, such as pushing, turns, and coordination. Consult the different learning modules here. Here is an overview of the activities that are offered to improve your skills and your form:

  • Once you have successfully completed all 4 phases, you can now begin the training plan! Click here to discover two training programs different. The program is available as a free application for your IOS phone on the App store or Android on the Google Play.

We hope you are excited about this Skate to Ski program which is a game-changer for skiers looking for a structured training activity known to bring more confidence when coming back in winter!