What are these inline skate parts that Solo Inline offers that you don't see elsewhere? These are stock parts: frames already assembled with wheels and bearings, replacement skate liners and assembled wheels, always at a good price!

This article covers the 6 things you absolutely need to know about these inline skate stock parts, exclusively available at Solo Inline.

1- Our customization service is there for you

Solo Inline offers a customization service that allows you to replace parts on a skate to achieve the desired custom configuration or remove parts that are not needed. The stock parts which are available on the Solo Inline website are retrieved during these modifications.

2- Completely new parts

The stock parts available from Solo Inline are all brand new parts that were removed from the skates at the time of sale. These parts are then packaged and placed in inventory. These are often parts that are not available for retail sale from suppliers. In fact, when comparing, the options available among (aftermarket) parts are often more expensive. With the stock parts, you get new parts at a price comparable to the price of the used one (when you manage to find some).

3- The best deals at all times

The stock parts represent the best bargains that can be found at any time in the Solo Inline product offer. As they have been bought out when modifying skates and are already assembled, it is possible to offer them at a competitive price! You just have to compare, you quickly notice that these items are at least 15 to 25% cheaper than comparable items. The bargains are even greater for items sold as a kit when compared to the price of spare parts.

4- Solutions to change the vocation of your skate

A skatepark skate will now be used for the ride? There are in the original parts inline skate liners new identical or comparable to the liners originally supplied with this skate. This skate can benefit from a second life at little cost.

You want to try to ride with a 110mm 3 wheels skate, but without paying the price of a new liner? It is possible to change the frame of a skate with 4 x 80mm wheels that we already have. There are in the stock parts new 3-wheel frames already including the wheels and quality ball bearings that will suffice to install on this skate. You can enjoy a whole new skating experience without even changing your inline skate.

5- Good options for troubleshooting

Your skate is still in good condition, but a part is too worn or broken and prevents you from enjoying it? The stock parts are an excellent option to solve this problem. There are new parts at affordable prices to refurbish or repair an inline skate.

There is a broken wheel and you are looking for an economical option to replace it without having to change everything? There are new wheels in the stock parts, often already mounted with ball bearings at very good prices. It will be possible to find the use of the skate and even to have spare wheels if others come and break.

6- Quantities are limited

As these items come from skate customizations, it is difficult to predict when they will be available. The Solo Inline team goes to great lengths to get these items posted on our site as soon as possible and they often don't last very long.

When you see an item to your liking, you have to get it right away! It could sell out fast!


Now that the original new parts from Solo Inline have no more secrets, all that remains is to take advantage of these deals! These are great options for modifying pads, extending their life, or having options for repair. But be careful, when you see an article you want, you have to take advantage of it quickly before it disappears!

November 11, 2022 — Francois Therrien