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Since 1993, Intuition has been manufacturing hundreds of thousands of comfortable and high-performance replacement liners for top-of-the-range models from the biggest brands in the world. Intuition Sports is based in Vancouver and offers the most comprehensive line of high performance replacement liners in the world. They are also the premier replacement liner supplier for the millions of people who love their boots or skates but hate their liners.

Special qualities

  • Resistant - Warm and comfortable
  • Lightweight - Thermoformable (Thermoformable)
  • Excellent memory -Low shrinkage when heated, shaped and cooled
  • Re-moldable -Strong high adhesion -Non-toxic -Does not absorb water

Specifically, inline skate liners were developed to improve fit and maximize energy transfer in skates with removable liners, to provide a truly custom fit for inline skates with removable liners. They're constructed with authentic, high-density Intuition foam and naturally mold to your feet with use, with no heating required.

Examples of compatible skate shells:

  • Faction Skates – Tactical V1
  • FR SKTES - FRX, FR3, FR2, FR1, FRJ
  • Flying Eagle skates – Eclipse, Raven, Falcon, Origami, Mantra
  • Gawds skates – Tim Franken
  • Iqon – AG10, AG20
  • Mesmer skates – Jon Bolino
  • Powerslide skates – Imperial, Next, Zoom
  • Roces Skates – 5th Element, M12, X35, Ego, Yep
  • Rollerblade skates – Twister, Maxxum, RB Cruiser, Solo, Fusion, New Jack, Blank
  • SEBA SKATES – E3, CJ2 liner-less, Wizard, Wizard Basic
  • Salomon – ST
  • THEM SKATES – 909, 908
  • USD skates – Sway, Aeon, Throne, UFS Throne, Seven

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