Whether you are anywhere in Quebec, Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or even the United States, we make it our duty to respond to you as quickly as possible and make you benefit from our expertise to purchase your next inline skates or gear!

Here are the different options to contact us:

- Shop online: www.solo-inline.com delivery or pick up in store

- Telephone: 1-888-MTL-SOLO (1-888-685-7656)

- By Private Message Facebook

- On Instagram: @BoutiqueSoloInline

- E-mail:  info@solo-inline.com

- Chat: Click on the bubble in the lower right corner of the page to quickly chat with us.


Not sure which model or size to buy?

For a better experience, we have staff in store to assist you with your purchases either by phone or video call. You can also write to us at info@solo-inline.com.



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