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Ennui Elite inline Skate Helmet
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K2 inline skate helmet
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Discover our complete collection of protective gear for inline skating designed to keep you safe, in style and comfortable during your various sakting outings. From helmets to knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards, we have everything you need to protect yourself while enjoying the thrill of rollerblading. We have the most famous brands, such as Pro-tec , Ennui , G-Form , Rollerblade, K2 and more.

No matter your skill level, there are essentials to protect you and ensure your protection during your inline skating outings, whether in town or at the skatepark. The vast majority of inline skaters wear protection and it has even been anchored in skating culture for several years and accepted as an informal norm. If you like inline skating, here's one more reason to avoid being on the sidelines following an injury or fall!

The essentials are generally considered to be a protective helmet, elbow and knee protectors, and hand and wrist protectors. 

The quality differences between models will most often be around durability, strength, comfort and increased breathability. Protective models for the aggressive style are generally wider to cover a larger area.

Also consult the size charts available for an optimal fit. A fit that is too tight can be uncomfortable, but a fit that is too loose may not be effective and may move out of position in the event of an impact.

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