You work hard on your skates and at Solo Inline we work hard to offer you the best brands! We have even imported European brands and exclusive models in Quebec and Canada. Since some brands are very well known internationally, but little known locally, here is a guide to help you find yourself among our selection.

Once you have determined your skating style, you can orient your choice according to the different brands of inline skates. Some brands specialize in a certain type of skate, while others offer a selection for more than one type.


Roces is an Italian brand which acts as a world leader in the design and production of inline and ice skates, skateboards, ski boots and others since 1956. It has a distribution network covering more than 50 countries and is the origin of several innovations in the world of inline skating, such as the first rigid-shell skate, the first adjustable skates for children and the first street skate. Roces is recognized for its dynamic performance and refined comfort.


Them Skates is an aggressive inline skating company owned by renowned pro skater Jon Julio. Them Skates was founded recently in 2018, but relies on the many years of experience of its owner and a team of street style skating enthusiasts. Them Skates produces aggressive inline skates focused on comfort, protection, with a clean and minimalist design, for the new generation of aggressive skaters.


Micro Skates has been in the inline skating market globally for over 20 years and is the top selling brand in several countries. Micro is a Swiss brand, particularly popular in Europe and China. They mainly specialize in inline skates and urban and freestyle accessories and offer many different color choices for their products, both for adults and for children, including progressive inline skates for children. For fans of the Micro brand, we have several accessories, including light up wheels, skate rucksacks and more.


FR Skates is a French brand offering quality products, with the idea of offering skates built by skaters, for skaters, since 2006. FR was born from the idea of offering freeride type skates, but with a performance hard shell, comfortable and durable. FR is a brand recognized worldwide for its attention to detail and high performance skates. FR continues to push the boundaries of inline skating with new standards in the industry.


Probably the most recognized brand of inline skates in the world, Rollerblade has a presence in many countries and the brand is considered to be the first to have built a global distribution network. The sport is even recognized today by the brand name (Rollerblade), which says a lot about the influence it has created among millions of athletes. It stands out for its innovation and for quality skates with an attractive design. Rollerblade manufactures skates mainly in the fitness, urban and speed categories, being particularly recognized for its freestyle skates, such as the Twister Edge.


Razors is another brand that has been manufacturing aggressive type inline skates for decades with a team of pro riders. Over time, they have also incorporated other brands of inline skating accessories, such as Reign and Ground Control, into their product offering. Razors has several models recognized for years in the market, such as the SL, Cult and Shift for aggressive skaters who are looking for good value for money and models that have been world bestsellers. Comfort and style are the main strengths of Razors.

USD Skates

USD is a brand of inline skates, specializing in aggressive styling, since 1997, and renowned for constant innovation. It developed by basing its strategy on skates with several interchangeable parts, compatible with other companies. They offer aggressive inline skates for beginners and pro riders alike and are known to develop very close to the ground skates, with a boot that gives a lot of control and 'grind plates' that make it easier to grind. ''.

October 28, 2021 — Francois Therrien