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Shop our selection of inline skate and rollerblade wheels to customize your rollerblades or replace your worn out wheels. Selection of brands such as Rollerblade, Undercover, Powerslide, IQON, Ground Control, 50/50, Micro, Dead Wheels, FR, Bont, Compass and more.

The choice of wheels for inline skating will directly influence your experience depending on your type of skating. This choice is based mainly on 3 criteria: hardness, size and type of skating. 

The smaller the diameter of a wheel, the easier it will be to maneuver and the easier turns will be. Conversely, the larger the wheels, the more difficult the skates will be to turn, but on the other hand, you will be able to reach a much greater speed and maintain it. The diameter of the wheels in mm generally varies between 50mm and more than 100mm.

Hardness also has a say. A hard wheel will allow more speed and be more durable, but will be more slippery in turns. A softer wheel will give more control, but will wear out more quickly. The hardness of a wheel is generally represented by a number, followed by the letter ''A''.

Ultimately, it's your type of skating which will guide your choice based on the last two variables, namely size and hardness. For recreational skaters, a wheel between 76 and 90mm is suitable. For those looking for more speed, the standard is at least 90mm and more. For aggressive skaters, the wheels are typically around 56mm, with the smaller wheels allowing for more efficient acceleration and deceleration to perform tricks and jumps.

Also shop our collection of light-up inline skate wheels here.

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