4 things to do to have the perfect inline skate!
Article summary :
  1. Read the simple method used by Solo Inline;
  2. Assemble the perfect skate;
  3. Send the choices by email or messaging;
  4. Confirm the order based on the quote received;


Many wonder if the perfect inline skate exists... But is a perfect skate possible? Those who have achieved this know the solution, you have to customize a skate to find the best setup. Because there are very few skates that offer all the desired characteristics in their original configuration. Whether it's the comfort of the liner, the shape or configuration of the frame, the size of the wheels or the performance of the bearings, there is always something that can be improved.


All skates can be personalized, in store or online

At Solo Inline, all skates can be personalized. The most important thing is to find a comfortable and durable boot, everything else can be customized afterwards. A simple and advantageous calculation formula is used. In summary, the original parts you wish to withdraw are credited at their market value and the cost of the desired parts is applied. This method allows you to only pay the difference in price of the parts because you get a credit for the parts you will not use.

Moreover, most original parts for skates can be found in our stock parts collection. You will find exclusive new parts which are generally not available individually and at very good prices. Also check out our Stock Parts blog post to learn more.

Examples of our simple method for customizing a skate

Let's look at some examples to see how this method is applied:

Installing an Endless 90 frame on a Twister XT:









- Complete frame (including wheels and bearings)

+ Frame Endless 90

+ Hydrogen 90mm

+ Bearings ILQ-9

















Replacing an FLT3 frame with an FLT4 on an aggressive skate (keeping the original wheels):





USD Sway 60 2024

(or any other skate)




-Frame Fluid 5

+ Frame FLT4











Replacement of an original liner with an Intuition Premium liner





Them 909

(or any other skate)




- Them V4 liner

+ Intuition Premium liner











Pretty simple method, right? So start building your perfect skate. And if help is needed, one of our advisors can help find the right prices and parts to assemble the perfect skate.

How to purchase a custom skate?

The programming of our website does not yet allow these functionalities to be integrated directly from the product page. On the other hand, by sending the choice of desired parts by email or live chat, a Solo Inline advisor can prepare a quote which will then be sent by email and which you can accept and pay directly online as a regular purchase. These submissions are generally sent in less than 24 hours, but we ask for a delay of 24 to 48 hours to respond to you. 

Shop all our rollerblade parts here to personalize your skates:


March 13, 2024 — David Mascolo