Inline skating is one of the essential sports that children should practice. It is an accessible and fun sport, which allows to develop balance, coordination and power, all in one! Children around the age of 5 to 10 can benefit from a sport like inline skating, to take advantage of their learning curve and develop new skills. As a parent, it's a good idea to expose your children to new sports, even if only a few times a year, to stimulate their learning and motor development.

When it comes to buying inline skates for kids, there are several things to consider. It is important that your child feels safe, comfortable and confident, in order to enjoy this sport to the fullest and progress.


How to choose the size of children's skates? Adjustable inline skates.

The size of your children's feet will certainly increase. The first instinct is often to buy a larger item, so that it lasts more than one season. On the other hand, in sport, we must make sure that our children have the right size on their feet. A skate or shoe that is too big leaves too much room for movement, does not support the ankle well and can cause injury, in addition to making learning more difficult. Fortunately, most rollerblades for children are adjustable in size, which allows for growth.

Many junior inline skaters now rely on a boot that increases a few sizes. This is the case, among others, of Micro Discovery and Roces Moody, which expand from 3 to 4 sizes, meaning these skates will keep up with your kids' foot size growth. In addition, these types of skates are very easy to adjust. All you have to do is slide the boot back and forh, using a button or other mechanism.


Our favorite models

The aggressive skate for kids who love obstacles

The Kaltik K Skate Ninja is an aggressive type skate for children who like obstacles, usually found in skateparks. It has smaller wheels, to get more control and a little less speed to perform jumps and tricks. It also has an opening below the skate (called an h-block) for grinding on rails and others. It's also more durable and stronger, with a completely rigid shell.

The affordable and comfortable skate for children

The Roces Moody is a very light and inexpensive adjustable intermediate skate for children. Its flexible boot makes it a very comfortable skate. The adjustment is not overlooked, with a lace-up system, a tightening buckle at the ankle and a powerstrap. Models for boys and girls starting at only $94.99.

Urban skating for children

The Rollerblade Apex is the ultimate inline skate for city and freestyle. It has a rigid molded shell, which gives more support, while being extremely comfortable. The adjustment is precise with 2 micro-tightening buckles. The liner features shock absorption and the skate profile is lower for more stability. Finally, this skate features premium bearings for a smoother glide. 2 colors available.

These 3 pairs of skates are just a few options from our selection of junior inline skates. Shop our complete collection of rollerblades for children here.


Inline skate protection for kids

To prevent injuries, we always recommend wearing a helmet and a complete protection kit including elbow, knee and wrist guards. It is important to choose a helmet specific to skating, since these protect the back of the head more in the event of a backward fall. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the right size of protection to be preferred. It is important that the protections are adjusted firmly, to prevent them from moving in the event of a fall if they are too large.

We also have kits including inline skates and protection, such as the K2 Raider Pro Pack.

Shop all of our inline skate protection and accessories for kids here.


Feel free to Contact us for additional advice if you have any questions. The Solo team is always there to answer you quickly with personalized advice.

April 19, 2022 — Francois Therrien